Bible Verses About Money

You may have heard that Jesus had more to say about money and possessions than any other subject, including heaven and hell combined.  Although I have not verified the exact number of times that Jesus spoke about money or the exact number of times that money is mentioned throughout the bible, I know that there are many verses in the bible about money.

The following are some of the verses that I have found about money in the bible.  They are arranged by topical biblical principles related to money, work or possessions. Although a verse may not specifically state the topic under which it is listed, there is a biblical principle which I believe can be applied to the topic.

A word of caution: it is very important to interpret Bible verses in context. Televangelists are notorious for this error, and sadly many have been misled or turned off to Christianity because of this. Before we attempt to interpret the meaning of a bible verse, we need to look carefully at what the verse says and then interpret it in context the chapter or book of the bible, and complete revelation of the Bible.  It is also very important that we ask God, the author and source of all wisdom, to teach us through His Holy Spirit. Scripture is consistent, so if the meaning of a verse seems to contradict a biblical principle, there is probably a misinterpretation of one or the other.

Budgeting and Financial Planning
Debt, Lending and Cosigning
Giving and Tithing
Hard Work vs. Get Rich Quick
Integrity in Work and Business
Love of Money