Trusting the Giver, Rather than the Gifts

I recently found a devotional book, given as a gift to my son when he graduated from college. I would like to share some excerpts from today's reading which I feel are especially encouraging in light of the economic times in which we live!

"Some time later the book dried up. (1 Kings 17:7)

The education of our faith is incomplete if we have yet to learn that God's providence works through loss, that there is a ministry to us through failure and the fading of things, and that He gives the gift of emptiness. It is, in fact, the material insecurites of life that cause our lives to be spiritually established. (emphasis added)

The dwindling brook at the Kerith Ravine, where Elijah sat deep in thought, is a true picture of each of our lives. "Some time later the brook dried up" - this is the history of our yesterdays, and a prophecy of our tomorrows.
One way or the other, we must all learn the difference between trusting in the gift and trusting in the Giver. The gift may last for a season, but the Giver is the only eternal love."

Excerpted from Streams in the Desert for Graduates, October 5

May we learn to worship and love the Giver, rather than His gifts!