Money in Marriage: Financial Authority

I regularly receive emails from Focus on the Family, and today's email included a link to an article titled "Money in Marriage: Financial Authority". 

The title caught my interest because I am a woman who is handling all of our family finances, yet I believe that I do so under the biblical principle of submission to my husband's authority.

Although I thought that the article had some valid general biblical principles, I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that it made generalizations such as "Although most wives do not like to make definite plans beyond one year, husbands need to encourage their wives to discuss long-range plans with them."  In my family, I am the one who enjoys making and discussing long-range financial plans.

I do agree with the statement that "the burden of maintaining a trouble free, financially sound, spiritually mature, and cooperatively considerate household is the responsibility of the husband/father", how does that practically work itself out in a home where the wife is the more financially inclined?

Is it appropriate for the husband to delegate all financial decisions to his financially savvy wife?  I would say "Yes"... maybe!  

In my marriage, there is a high degree of mutual respect and trust.  I view my husband, Doug, as God's "umbrella" of protection over me.  So although he might not have the expertise that I have in financial matters, I believe that God has designed Doug's role as the final authority in all matters in our home. I try to keep him informed about where we stand financially and he trusts me to make most decisions and confer with him on the decisions which would be important for us to discuss together.

So ultimatly, I believe that a biblical lifestyle would allow whichever spouse is more financially inclined to manage the finances, but always working together as partners, and recognizing that the husband has final authority for decisions. Whether or not the wife should take on the role of managing the finances depends upon not only her financial skills, but on the spiritual maturity of both partners and the health of the marriage relationship in general. 

Here is a link to the Money in Marriage: Financial Authority article on the Focus on the Family website.