Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey

Financial Peace Revisited contains common sense and practical financial information and advice that most people already know, but don't always follow. This book was full of straight-forward financial advice, and things to begin applying immediately.

Dave Ramsey puts it in a way that makes you feel like an idiot (in a good way) for not following common sense financial principles! You will come away from his training with a better understanding of your shortcomings and a determination to make positive changes in your financial life.

Ramsey has a refreshimg and entertaining writing style and explains some complicated topics of finance without making them boring. For instance, his "Seven Baby Steps" approach takes the very abstract concept of long range financial planning and makes it simple and concrete.

Dave Ramsey's advice on budgeting and saving money were quite good. He also dealt with financial issues in the context of real life relationships (marriage, singleness, etc.) with some good tips on how to navigate those waters. His advice on investing was not quite as sound, in my opinion. Most of his investment advice seemed to center around "find a good mutual fund". Decent advice, but the stock market (especially these days) contains a lot of risks that people need to understand (which Dave didn't spend a lot of time on) before plunking down their cash and hoping for a nice, reliable return.

The back of the book contains a myriad of worksheets to help you after you read.