Shopping Online for the Best Deals

My husband recently needed to buy a new electric razor. He was out getting a haircut and stopped by a local department store and paid full price for the deluxe model. As in many marriages, my dear husband and I approach purchases in a very different manner. If he needs something, he goes to the most convenient store and pays whatever the price is.  I, on the other hand, make my weekly grocery list based on what is on sale that week and price compare online before every purchase.
So when I saw the $100+ price on the receipt, I asked if he could wait a few days if I could find the razor online for a significant savings. The process that I used to get a significantly lower price can be applied to all sorts of purchases.

Save Money By Shopping Around

I am not big on in-store price comparison shopping. Plus with the price of gas and my time, I rarely find that it's worth my time unless it's a very large appliance or vehicle that I want to test out first.  However, I love the convenience of price comparison shopping online! I have a couple of sites that I always check first:
  • Ebay (I only buy from “Top Sellers” with 100% positive feedback. I always read their feedback and history, and make sure to read the description carefully.)

Cheaper is not Always the Best Value

Sometimes cheaper is not better; for instance if the product is of inferior quality and doesn’t last or has maintenance issues. I check online reviews on Amazon and for major purchases or I look for articles in Consumer Reports at my local library. The razor that hubby picked out was the top of the line model, but he shaves daily and has a very thick beard, and this model had excellent reviews.

Save Money With Comparison Shopping Sites

I usually check Amazon first, because they have a huge selection of products and a $25 purchase usually qualifies for free shipping and no sales tax.  When shopping on Ebay, I have to factor in shipping cost, if applicable. Next I check out a couple of my favorite price comparison sites such as or and enter the brand and model to see if any other online or local retailers have a lower price. In this situation, Amazon had the lowest price, so I completed my purchase

and saved over $50!

Save Money by Looking for a Rebate

If I had not purchased from Amazon, my next step would have been to visit, a site that gives rebates for a variety of online merchants (but not By entering the retailer’s site through ebates, you can earn an additional 1-5% percent off in the form of a “rebate”.

See If Any Other Discounts Are Available

Another site that I check is I do a quick search for the product name and /or name of the retail store to see if one of my fellow bargain shoppers has posted a "Slick Deal".

My last step is to search for a coupon code using the name of the retailer and “coupon codes” as the keywords. Sometimes I can get one more discount this way, either an additional % off or free shipping.