Is Frugality Biblical?

I am frugal by nature. However, I need to watch and examine my heart to make sure that my frugality is from my desire to be a faithful steward of the resources with which God has entrusted me, and not the result of greed, pride or security in money. 

I am reading an excellent little book, Prayer Warriors, and was moved by a story included in this book, which was taken from another book  by A.W. Tozer.  The primary theme of the book was the amazing prayer life of this man of humble means, but I would like to share one story which relates to the theme of this site: a heart that has been changed by the power of God and desires to use our resources for the glory of God.

To set the stage, Tom had been severely burned in a hotel fire and despite great suffering, was a source of prayer for others throughout his hospital stay.  When he was sufficiently recovered, he met with his doctor to pay his bill.  The doctor had been told that he could expect that due to Tom's meager means, he should expect a request for a discount on his fees.  The following picks up the story as excerpted from Prayer Warriors (page 50):

"Now, Doctor," Tom began "I want to settle up with you.  I understand that you expect me to ask for a discount on my bill on the grounds that I am a Christian worker.  But doctor, I shall do nothing of the kind.  You see, I am connected with the Deity, and I run my business on the same principles as God runs His.  God never asks for discounts.  His method is to give full measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. And I want to do the same. Here is a signed check made out to you.  Only the amount is left blank.  Now you take it, write in any amount you please, and it will be honored, and I’d rather you make it too much than too little.”

Now I am not suggesting that we go around and hand out blank checks to everyone!  However, I do think that there is a biblical principle at work here, and that I need to allow God to work that conviction deep into my heart.  How God uses this story in my heart may be different how he uses it in your heart.  The key is that we let Him do it!