Generous Living

In Generous Living, Ron Blue gives great Biblically based fundamentals on managing your money and resources. The main theme is being generous with your resources, which includes finances, talents and abilities, and time. In addition to providing insight into maintaining a generous mindset, Mr. Blue also provides excellent practical advice on topics such as defining financial and giving goals and working towards them, creating a budget, strategic giving (meaning research organizations and individuals you give to and expect accountability to their stated mission and how they use the resources rather than giving blindly), estate planning and how to transfer wealth, whether large or small, to heirs and charitable organizations. He also provides important insights into making a will, setting up a trust and foundation, and teaching your children to give.

He discusses both the why and the how of giving. He states that we need to have a long term giving plan as part of our overall financial plan. Blue . This book helps the reader to work through all the practical questions of how much to spend, how much to save and invest and how much to give by challenging us to set a cap on lifestyle at a reasonable level and use the excess income to save, invest and give away.  Ron Blue states that financial freedom is not found in building up net worth but rather is, "the willingness to be generous with what you have."