Biblical Principles for Business, Work and Career

Although all of these books are written by the late Larry Burkett, and are based on biblical principles, I would highly recommend "Business by the Book" if you are in a supervisory position or own your own business.  In fact, Larry Burkett's Business by the Book helped motivate me to start this site: Money by the Book.

"Business by the Book" is an excellent recource for anyone who owns a business or who is in a management or supervisory position.  It is packed with common sense business principles, excellent real world advice about how to apply God's word to the world of business today and encouragement to conduct business by biblical principles.

Business By The Book: Complete Guide of Biblical Principles for the Workplace, by Larry Burkett

Finding the Career that Fits You Workbook, by Larry Burkett

God's Principles for Operating a Business (Audio CD), by Larry Burkett

Your Career in Changing Times, by Larry Burkett