Contemporary Financial Strategies for Biblical Christian Stewardship

Welcome to Money by the Book!
Timeless Biblical Principles of Stewardship
Although there are an abundance of books and websites available to Christians who are seeking biblical answers to financial issues, Money by the Book adds a somewhat unique source of information. While based on a foundation of biblical financial principles and stewardship, Money by the Book also provides practical contemporary strategies and advice for making wise financial decisions that apply to the unique financial issues of today.

Foundation: Biblical Financial Principles
With so many financial websites and books available from highly “educated” experts and financially savvy individuals, why would I say knowing what the Bible says about money is the most important?

You might even doubt that the bible has any relevance at all to our financial issues today. I would certainly agree that financial decisions are more complicated today. When the bible was written, there was no credit card debt, no mutual funds or ETF’s, no 401-k’s or 403-b’s, no decisions to be made about Roth conversions, no dizzying array of options to consider for retirement or college savings for your kids.

But here's a thought that I would like for you to consider: Despite the availability of an abundance of financial information, including thousands of books and websites and the 24/7 droning of financial analysts on cable TV, few people are experiencing the peace and contentment that God desires for our financial lives.

If you have read this far, then you are probably at least a little curious to know what God has to say about money and biblical stewardship in the bible.

Contemporary Financial Strategies
While I passionately believe that financial decisions must be based on timeless biblical principles; I also believe that wise stewardship involves maximizing your money and wealth through evaluating and utilizing the most up to date financial services and products.
I have launched this blog with the hope of "coaching" and encouraging all readers to grow in wise biblical stewardship, to achieve financial peace and financial freedom, and to be organized and confident in their financial life.

True Wealth: Financial Peace and Freedom

Just “knowing” what God says about money won't result in financial peace and freedom if that knowledge just stays in our head. We need to allow God's Word to work it's way into our financial decisions and actions. My hope is that we can grow together as we learn to trust in God, rather than our possessions, for our identity and security. I believe with all of my heart that as we allow His love and the truths of His word to “go deep”, that we will experience life-transforming changes from the inside-out!
While I humbly realize that I have still have much to learn about personal finances and God, I am passionate about both topics and about how they work together.  In order of importance, I hope that I can share some insights regarding:
  • Developing a biblical heart attitude towards money based on God’s word and His promises.
  • Timeless biblical principles which form the basis of wise financial stewardship; regardless of the complexity of investment decisions or the economic times in which we live.
  • Some basics of budgeting, savings, investments and taxes.
Ultimately, my passion and mission for this site is to help Christians to be set free from bondage to money and possessions, and educated to make wise stewardship decisions which will lead to the life of financial peace and freedom that the bible teaches!